Your body is an ingenious being.

Super ageing actively in fitness, means our eating needs require more intuitive conscious awareness. Symptoms of excessive consumption will show up all sorts of ways. Your body just can’t tolerate bad cravings and poor choices the way that it did.

The job of the metabolism is to keep us alive.

It will do what it has to, just to make sure this happens and that includes the storage of excess fat. Even although humans have become more intelligent, all of the survival systems operate as they always did.

The metabolism slows down the older you get, starting in your 30’s.

Using a mindful MIND to make the most positive intuitive eating decisions for your METABOLISM

Over consumption of the wrong types of food and portion sizes will show up in your body composition.

Getting the best types of food in the right quantities for the majority of the time is crucial for a changing body.

Lots of cool recipes and nutritional advice on this page from me, I know are guaranteed to make you start to look and feel like the super ager you are.

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