Something Crucial You Maybe Overlooking Trying To Keep Off Excess Weight Permanently

Hey, how is your relationship this week? I mean the one with your brain.

Your mindset plays the key role in relation to the food you eat and therefore the weight and size you are presently. In the blog I spoke about your metabolism and I looked into what it actually is. Residing in your brain, it’s going to do what it needs to for you to stay alive. That means storing excesses as fat, if it has to.   Important as it is, it’s chemical juice (e.g. hormones) based. Doing what it has to, based on your thought processes around the food ( crappy or healthy) you eat, and your expenditure of the energy within you.   Your thoughts and emotions are driving those nutrition decisions.   Becoming and staying overweight is prevalent in our society and culture today. I could quote you fact upon fact, pointing out what our choices are doing to us.   Being overweight or obese anytime is not desirable especially when you are not that young. I have yours and my superageing at heart.   Ageing in fitness must have empathy. Something that is not entirely forthcoming with a younger age group. Superageing cannot be accusatory and make you feel like a failure.   If you do today – let me tell you – you’re not:)) That is not to say you can do what you like. Then you will just keep on doing the same old things (habits) that got you overweight, unfit, fill in the blank, in the first place.  

When there is no empathy, you are going on a hamster wheel and aren’t getting off anytime soon. Goes a bit like this:

  • I eat too much.
  • Now I hate myself even more.
  • Good excuse to eat even more.

 Repeat the overeating, remorse, overeating……

Brain Awareness Fact

Desires and cravings come from unconscious parts of the brain. I don’t mean dumb. Evolutionary demands for food that the higher brain doesn’t want. Chemical messengers associated with the unconscious parts of the brain. The bits that keep you alive without you thinking about it, for example digestion and assimilation of food. I mean you do not want to be thinking about this on top of e.g. work, or family pressures. What happens though is that the good messengers become desensitised and dominated by hunger hormones. Hence eating when you do not need to. It’s not the food that is addictive per se but the demands of the unconscious parts of the bran and your reaction to it. What is really unhelpful is seeing on a daily basis how a whole list of stuff makes you fat.  

  • Societies ideology of the “perfect body”.
  • Built in negative feedback loops of weight loss and gain.
  • Oh, and because you are older you can forget about fitness.
  • Blame your parents.
  • Blame your family history. Most of my family is/was overweight. I’m not.
  • No wonder the unconscious parts of the brain go into meltdown.

The failure leads to more frustration and that makes you more prone to buying the next “wonder” fix or diet.


All of this interferes with your superior brain’s decision making. How does it break free of hardwired circuitry? NOT BY DIETING.   If you are constantly swinging between overweight, obese and thinner, it’s not a new brain, improved metabolism (read last week’s post) or balanced hormones.   It is the imbalance of in house brain circuitry for impulsive behaviour dominating, while the logical rational decision making, is weak.  


The great news is that you can restore balance, that is everyone of us. Even better, when you do achieve this, the brain will naturally try to preserve it. I speak for myself here too. I have written about my own struggles with portion sizes.   It is also known as homeostasis and a very powerful mechanism built into the autonomic nervous system. You have the mental ability within you to instruct the way you want when you have a definite reason. You read my stuff because you and I want to superage in fitness. Will and desire takes over now.   I am not talking about willpower. Willpower is force. For example, you want to eat a whole box of chocolates but through sheer determination you resist. As long as you continue an inner war between cravings and what you know is good for you defeat is unavoidable.   Will is the opposite of resistance. Superageing is about being in control of what your brain does. Bringing your brain into balance then using it to balance everything, hunger, energy, cravings and habits. The brain is the source of all your bodily functions and your mind lies ant the core of the brain. Ageing in fitness means you relate to your brain in a different way to how you have been. When you are overweight or obese you lead a life with limitations on decision making, eating, movement and exercise.    Here are a few ways you can lift those self-imposed limitations:  

  1. Give up the fighting with yourself.
  2. Give up diets.
  3. Be brave and deal with the things that bring you out of balance.
  4. Focus on reaching a turning point.

Here is a big one,

  1. You can change a habit only in the moment when you feel the urge to act on your habit.

I gave up my smoking habit by my own will and desire to get fitter (the definite reason) 25 years ago. I started by asking what was happening when I went to reach for a cigarette?   Overeating is no different. Reaching for a whole box of chocolates at 2 a.m. What is happening at that moment? If you can answer this questions you now have a ray of light for change.   Next week I will delve into the beginnings of change to moderating your fitness for day to day superageing 365 days per year.   Thank you so much for taking the time to read and send your comments. I answer them all. Just hit reply. I am there. If you know a wee ageing soul who wants to break some undesirable fitness habits, that might benefit, do them a favour and send this on. If you don’t, I love you just the same.   Linda xxx

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