Proage Fitness For Total Mind & Body Transformation

I always thought I was into anti ageing fitness.

What I’m really into is proager fitness for total mind and body transformation. At 55 years old, I am feeling and looking my fittest ever. How is that so? Surely I should be going downhill now by all accounts? As a matter of fact nothing could be further from the truth.

It has taken me a whole load of years consistently researching the effect age has on a type of proage fitness that positively impacts the mind and body. Turns out you CAN be your fittest ever. This perception we have about ageing is old fashioned and nonsensical.

Everyday I come across comments such as “I’m not looking forward to my decline” (what even does that mean)??? “Too old for this,” “I am just going to get bigger and bigger so just accept it.”


Or, how about, “I’m retiring”.

Spoiler alert, it is actually ok to continue on as normal. I mean how many days do you want off? Boredom’s a killer. Your life can flow as smoothly as you want it to. That is despite whatever might be going on within it. This will come down to your mindset toward your life. You are in your own driving seat.

How do we proage our fitness for total mind and body transformations?

You can and do have to keep on moving, working out, exercising, leisure and so on. Lift weights. Muscles. keep. you. young. They wither if you don’t use them. Go for leisurely walks in nature. Cycle, swim, Pilates, Yoga, a bit of cardio etc. Do what you love. Then you will stick to it.

Watch your calorie intake. If you overeat calorie dense foods you will put on weight, or wonder why you have plateaued. I have lots of tips on great nutrition. Optimise your nutrition – you will get fitter. Fact. There is so much you can do. We are nearly all water so you have to drink it and stay hydrated.

Train your brain. You are not your brain. The brain is an amazing awesome processor. Learning how to manage it by way of meditation and self awareness is key to a proager. How can you possibly stay amazing and awesome if you have a negative outlook or are stressed and depressed.

Living your best life in balance peace and harmony takes a proactive drive to make it that way.

Yummy nutrient dense food