Transformation of You and those 4M’s

One of the biggest misconceptions of our time is present day thinking on ageing and the thought that we have to give up doing stuff we love. Fit for purpose being the biggest bone of contention.

  1. Give up on living an exciting future full of potentials and amazing opportunities – family and friends may think we’ve gone nuts. That’s just for you if are young. And you’re not, are you. You’re on that insidious slide down to the bargain basement of a fit, healthy and happy life. Age is your barrier to everything.
    You’re just too old now. Father time has passed you by, Sorry! Aw, you’ve missed the boat, shame…
  2. Give up on jumping up and down, you might break something! Better just stop exercising and moving around then.
  3. Give up on eating dessert OR suffer the expansion of your midriff. We’ll eat it anyway and just buy bigger sizes.
  4. Better not lift any weights, might do my dodgy back in!

Mindset Makeover!

No matter what age you are, or what you do, your mindset and attitude towards ageing in fitness is and always will be your mindset. Without it being the leader you will not develop the habits and attitudes it takes to decelerate the rate at which you are ageing.
I am a Scot. We are down to earth calling a spade a spade. However, my spade can dig anything it wants.
Did you know you have 3 brains? Depending on how you think about your life will depend on which brain gets the biggest blood flow to it. A book I would recommend to anyone wishing to take their first steps into getting a mindset makeover is The Chimp Paradox
Written by Prof Steve Peters, provides a valuable and insightful start to beginning to manage your behaviour. I listened to it on Audible most times while driving and retained the crux of the books purpose. That is how powerful its message was to me. I believe it can do the same for you if you are ready to start crossing the river.

Movement and Exercise

One of the other massive misconceptions about fitness training is linked to how you develop the exercises you perform as you age.

So if you want to decelerate the rate at which you age, it’s important that you don’t remove all things you did when you were younger. Lifting weight has been proven over and over again to help fight against chronic old ageing. Muscles hold the mitochondria (the energy centres) that keep us younger.  But it’s not just lifting weight. Jumping is something that you should keep doing as you age.

No, that doesn’t mean you need to tuck jump 10,000 times, but, ask the average person, they assume that jumping is bad for their joints and ligaments.
The opposite is true: read this interesting piece of research on jumping up and down – now you may only be in your 20’s but I truly believe that forewarned is forearmed. You’re welcome!!


Once you get over the age of 35 the shifts in your own bio chemistry can cause havoc with your eating habits. For example, say you have a thought about having afternoon tea and cocktails with your friends or your family. This is a perfectly reasonable outing at the weekend. It is sociable, fun and can be a great bonding day too.
And that’s where we are at many of us are, going out and socialising. Socialising is on the up and up. I, myself have never went out as much. This is a wonderful thing. To reach a point in your lives where you have worked hard, maybe had a family, built a business, progressed your career. I mean it feels like a right of passage. Here is a typical response:
“I will be sodding the calories as it is a treat but was just curious! Amazing to think that a “meal” that looks small and dainty could roll in at 1000 calories!!!”
I would estimate that with cocktails the count would rise substantially.
We are faced with thoughts around eating and calories on a hourly basis. So how do you stop obsessing? Or, do I just move to the Antarctic and hide in an igloo away from Prosecco, strawberry tarts and dainty sandwiches?
Of course you don’t, but! You need to become mindful about installing the automatic pilot that can reason with deep desire to eat and consume large amounts of sugar and fat turned into amazingly tasty stuff. Otherwise you’ll never get the desired results.
I love Patisserie Valerie too. It’s about learning not to rise to those negative emotions that can come as result of not having the automatic pilot in place. This is the automatic pilot that will step in and reason with your need for instant gratification, eating four cakes instead of one. After all, it is a treat. And, what if you do? What about the emotions that arise telling you that you’ve let yourself down again, never be slim again, all the guilt and shame that comes along with the hangover the next day.
A shift in understanding the tracking mechanisms of the body can take some time for some. Your body tracks EVERYTHING you eat and drink! Ever wondered why you are not losing fat? You might not remember but your body does. It comes down to how you develop the habits and behaviours needed to up you to being aware that you are aware. Therefore automating your eating and stabilising your body composition. Stopping the obsession with eating and the time you wait until your next meal.


Lifting weight has been proven over and over again to help keep the ageing gremlins causing riot. Without being a crazy maddo, (like a manic body builder).
I do not believe there is any one perfect way to do it. Not from an modern agers point of view anyway. I have read a boat load of research over the years. I have found zero one size fits all. However, the point is caller, you could do body weight, dumb bells, bar bells, all types of free weight. Here is why I like Body Pump. You push, pull, press, row and carry load. It has all of the old fashioned moves I like having fun with. Anyone can do it.
I follow guru’s who say a discernible beat (e.g. pump) is a non starter when you are weight training.  I do not personally believe this. They do not enjoy weight training anymore than me. They just do it differently. On machines, they make you better at machines. They have their place but stick in free weight to your work outs where you can.

You can be 40,50,60,70 ++++++++ and accepting yourself without any guilt or shame. Transforming with those 4M’s in mind, metabolism, movement and muscle.
Finding yourself again perhaps. I have witnessed this many times with family, friends and clients alike. I get so excited and have to hold myself back. A real modern ager that sees where the lines in the sand are drawn and respects them.

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