Proage Fitness For Total Mind & Body Transformation

I always thought I was into anti ageing fitness. What I'm really into is proager fitness for total mind and body transformation. At 55 years old, I am feeling and looking my fittest ever. How is that so? Surely I ...
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Something Crucial You Maybe Overlooking Trying To Keep Off Excess Weight Permanently

Hey, how is your relationship this week? I mean the one with your brain. Your mindset plays the key role in relation to the food you eat and therefore the weight and size you are presently. In the blog I spoke ...
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Early Summertime 4M Metabolic Hacks

Hey, how are you? Can you stick with me through the little educational piece so that when you get to the hacks you've a better handle on why this may help you burn more fat? It's not tooooooo much science. ...
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Transformation of You and those 4M’s

One of the biggest misconceptions of our time is present day thinking on ageing and the thought that we have to give up doing stuff we love. Fit for purpose being the biggest bone of contention. Give up on living ...
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