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…and for your curiosity into super ageing in fitness and lifestyle.

In addition to launching my super ageing 4M's brand:

  • I have successfully run alongside my husband, our own lifestyle business for the past 2 decades. Building it up, expanding and franchising it, then navigating it back bit by bit, to under our full control again. We offered employment to around 100 people at points in the business.
  • I have been physically fit and active my whole life. My husband of over 30 years shares the same love of physical fitness. Our three children have also been active since birth.

Some random facts about me:

  • I am from West Lothian in Scotland where I grew up with my little brother. My mum was from Italy and my dad Scottish. It was a bit of a novelty in the 70's and early 80's when I was growing up.
  • My mother had a real sweet tooth and ALWAYS had tons of confectionery. I don't know how I did not end up with a lifelong super addiction to sugar. My teeth suffered though! It made me paranoid about my children's dental health. Thankfully they have great teeth.
  • On the plus side, she was an amazing cook and we grew up with the best that the Mediterranean could throw at us. I have had a lifelong love affair with cooking since I was a child. I love cooking!! Any kind.
  • I must have burned a lot of that sugar at school, where I was a member of every club our P.E. department had. I played hockey for 5 years, did a lot of cross country and a ton of athletics. I was female school sports champion and I was very proud the day my daughter started secondary school and saw her mother's photo when she was lining up in the lunch queue.
  • When I first left school I did not go straight to university, deciding to be a beauty therapist instead. I worked in the cosmetic industry for a few years. I still love make up and beauty products.
  • After a stint at the bank I left in the 90's to finally attend university with 3 children under 5! I know, looking back it was a bit mad. I received amazing support from my husband and family during this time. After graduating our business had already started from scratch.

Using the 4M's of MIND, METABOLISM, MOVEMENT & MUSCLES you will think better, make better decisions, ultimately design and create an amazing, healthy and happy lifestyle that you love.

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